Manufacturer of Control Panels and Dash Assemblies for construction industries and transportation sector. These would include booms, scissors lifts, telehandlers, mining trucks, recylcing trucks, etc...

We Produce a large number of wiring harnesses for heavy duty transport vehicles in the industry. These would involve most of the connectors and interface technologies.

Manufacturer of printed circuit assemblies which in most cases are married to our harnesses and control systems.


Provide lighting products to our customers such as strobes, panel, signal and clearance lights which may have control modules attached.

Most of our PCB are conformally coated in our lab to withstant outdoor applications.

Quality Systems

ISO Approved and Certified.


Linamar Corp, Carelift Inc(Zoom Boom), MCC, EUCLID- Hitachi Corp.


Omron IND, Grote IND.


Rittal Corp.